4.0 Rawsistaz Review for Through the Fire


Reviewed: Feb 11, 2006

Through the Fire
By Seressia Glass
Genesis Press, March 2006
220 Pages, Paperback, $9.95
ISBN: 158571173X
Genre: Romance

RAW Rating: 4.0

Like a Phoenix

Dr. Willow Zane, a famous self-help guru to the stars is about to realize her dream for Phoenix Haven, a refuge for those needing help getting through grief and guilt. Returning to Serena Bay, Florida was Willow’s chance to help more people and be closer to her brother. However, she feels like a hypocrite because she has not faced all her past demons and continues to harbor grief and guilt of her own. Even with the building of the new sanctuary, there is someone out there trying to derail her dream and it puts Willow’s life in danger. With only a few weeks left to complete renovations on Phoenix Haven, Willow needs a master carpenter to finish the restorations of the mission and in steps Brandt Hughes.

Brandt has nothing to live for and the day he got the call to help with the final renovations for Phoenix Haven saved him. With something to keep his mind occupied, Brandt embarks on the task of renovating the mission. However, he is also there at the request of his best friend to protect Willow from the increasing threats on Phoenix Haven and her life. Yet, what he finds besides a woman who is not only a celebrity, and whose book gave him the ability to live day to day, is a woman who he emotionally connects with. For him, Willow is an enigma but one he cannot stay away from or deny his need for. Will he be able to protect Willow from her unknown aggressors as well as from his own inability to let go of his past?

THROUGH THE FIRE is a wonderful title for this love story because both the hero and heroine had the ability to rise above their pasts in order to find true love. The characters were well-developed which allowed readers to understand and feel their pain. The compassion both main characters possessed was very remarkable and made them engaging. The build up to the romance and scorching intimacy is a definite plus for this story. The author also does a good job in the suspense area as she kept me guessing on who was trying to destroy Willow and what really happened to Brandt. Overall, this was a really good novel with the right mixture of suspense, romance and intimacy. I also was able to take some gems of advice from this story about the ability to move past guilt and grief because we all deserve happiness.