SPICE: A Sugar and Spice novel – Coming November 4th!


Temptation comes in many flavors…

Nadia Spiceland works in the business of temptation. The confections she crafts at the Sugar and Spice Bakery and Café lure in the locals. But one customer is interested in more than just her delectable sticky buns…

Kane Sullivan teaches human sexuality at the nearby college, where coeds are clamoring for seats in his lectures. Nadia is reluctant to his advances, yet she also has needs. Who better to fulfill them than the man who’s referred to as “Dr. Sex” by his female students?

Soon Kane creates a hunger in Nadia that nothing can satiate. It weakens her, and that’s something she cannot risk. Not again. But Kane’s masterful touch might just be powerful enough to melt her heart—and free her to trust again…

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The Sons of Anubis

The Sons of Anubis features a group of very hot jackal shapeshifters who fight an eternal battle against the Lost Ones, the undead who refused to complete their journey through the Underworld.

Also in this series are The Daughters of Isis, priestesses who ran the temples of Isis and helped the Sons of Anubis in their fight against the undead. That was then. Now they are enemies, each group believing the other responsible for their leader’s murder.


Claiming the Jackal

Rana, a Daughter of Isis, joins the jackal shapeshifter clan as a much-needed healer. Hector, the clan’s second-in-command, wants nothing to do with the Isis witches who’ve come to stay with the clan on a diplomatic exchange. But when his guards start injuring themselves to spend time with the pretty healer, Hector takes matter into his own hands.

What starts as an effort to get his men to back off becomes something much more real. As their relationship deepens, Rana knows that the secret she harbors can destroy not only her future with Hector, but her place with the clan. Will Hector be able to release his centuries-old mistrust  of Isis witches, or will Rana have to make the  ultimate sacrifice?

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A newcomer to the clan, jackal shifter Amarie has tried to deflect the interest of male jackals, hiding a secret that could destroy her prospects as a mate. But she can’t deny that warriors Kurik and Rashon, who have forged their own relationship, fuel her sensual fantasies.

Despite his strong bond with Kurik, Rashon’s heart has made room for Amarie—and he wants to make to room for her in their bed, too. At first Kurik fears losing his lover, but the temptation of sharing her as their mate is too tempting to resist. And if any female can handle two virile jackal guards, it’s Amarie…

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Sons of Anubis #1

Centuries ago, tragedy severed the alliance between the jackal shifters and powerful Egyptian priestesses. But when four of his brothers succumb to a deadly curse, clan commander Markus kidnaps one of the witches and insists she undo the evil magic.

Although Tia can undo the curse, she insists her coven is not behind it—and she is shaken to her core by her intense attraction to her captor. The sparks between them quickly ignite, filling them both with passion and power unlike anything they’ve ever known. Will it be enough to heal the rift between their peoples?

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